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Ronald Turner And The Fashion Statement. Only good music is coming your way from us.


Ronald Turner's Music Is Available Now!!
It’s All About Love
A Smooth Funk/Jazz CD
Ronald Turner And The Fashion Statement
Track Listings

1. It’s All About Love (Instrumental) 5:17
2. Real Chocklett (Acoustic) 6:24
3. Take Me As I Am 3:59
4. Mr. Gary (aka Slam Dunk) 3:48
5. Ebonically Correct (Synth) 5:41
6. Glory Angel 4:50 Genre Smooth Jazz
7. Pie Mowf, Moochie, ‘n Ironjaw 4:33
8. Song For A Queen 4:35
9. Pocketslam 5:05
10. Real Chocklett (Synth) 6:28
11. It’s All About Love (Vocal) 5:31
12. Ebonically Correct (Acoustic) 6:40
13. Don’t Fly Too High 2:17
14. Latina Beauties 3:57

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To purchase the CD It's All About Love, please CLICK HERE.

To purchase the CD Love Prevails, please CLICK HERE.

   Love Prevails Track List

1.  High School Hips 4:41
2.  Lydia And Anna 4:34
3.  Mama Hoochee 4:26  
4.  I Never Want to See You Cry 6:40
5.  Too Much Sugar For A Dime 4:20
6.  Just Beautiful 5:08
7.  The Wall Becomes Your Friend 4:31
8.  Love Prevails 4:19
9.  Sugar Daddies On Section 8  5:57
10. And You Told My Spouse 5:08
11. Passion Jewelry 6:04

12. Dianne's Collard Greens 4:38


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Ronald Turner's CD can be downloaded from iTunes and CDBaby.

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